Life is a Series of Sprints…Not a Marathon!

I am not a fan of marathons so when this little nugget of insight was passed down to me about 6 years ago it changed my entire outlook.  I am huge fitness/sport enthusiast, however running 26.2 miles just does not sound appealing to me whatsoever.  So when people compare life to running a marathon, I am like ummm no thanks.  Have you seen olympic marathon runners??  If the marathon motto gets you going…trudging along, then you stick to what works for you.  I prefer to go about life at TICOS PACE and here is how the series of sprints motto works for me.


  1. GO HARD or don’t go at all.  Make excellence a habit by only taking on task you plan to complete to the best of your ability.  Apply lazer-like focus on what is to be accomplished, pulling out all the stops to kill it as best you know how.
  2. CELEBRATE!  When you finish a task and put in your best effort, take a moment to recognize your awesomeness.  Win or not, you crossed that finish line and left noting in the tank.  That is something to be proud of, so raise your hands up, shout with joy (or grunt), and maybe dance a little.
  3. CATCH YOUR BREATHE.  Rest is the key ingredient to success after success.  Taking on another sprint before proper recovery will eventually only lead to injury to the body and the mind.  Complete rest, none of this answering emails while on vacation nonsense.
  5. COMPETE TO WIN each and every time..each and every sprint of life.

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