Be Courageous to have an Awesome day 

We had some expected snow last night, and DC is not so fabulous at cleaning up the mess.  I got a 5:30 AM call that school would be delayed 2 hours.  I am not a fan of those late starts cause it throws off my entire day.  Yet, I did enjoy the extra sleep.  On my way to work, I am stopped at a stop sign and boom car slides down on the ice and hits the back of my car. 

So that was the start of my day, before my morning workout and morning coffee. Thankfully no damage done to any person  and minor vehicle damage to Thumper (my car, yes I name my cars).  

Besides that inconenvience, my day was awesome.  I managed to get a workout in, work was smooth and fun.  The day was just getting better and better.  I got some much needed grocery shopping done and bought some much needed boots(see Instagram for photo of said boots) A blizzard is coming and I had no boots so was pretty pumped about that.  Then to make things better…a phone call… NO SCHOOL TOMORROW, SNOW DAY!! I love snow days.  For me it’s like God saying… You need a day to take it easy, I am going to send some snow your way.  I never got snow days in Costa Rica, but I don’t think God thinks we really need to take a day off there.  Working too hard in Costa Rica is sedomly an issue. Pura Vida!!

I actually don’t know if courage has anything to do with having a minor car accident and still having an awesome day.   Probably lucky.  That reminds me of one of my favorite quotes:

 “The harder you work, the luckier you get”

Since we are on the topic of courage, here is a Steve Jobs quote on courage and it’s awesome:


How do you show your courage? 



One thought on “Be Courageous to have an Awesome day 

  1. I show courage by forcing myself to enter uncomfortable situations.
    Eating at a nice restaurant by myself.
    I talk to people on the elevator.
    I challenge myself to compliment everyone I encounter in a given day just to make them smile.
    If they are wearing a name tag, I introduce myself and I use their name often.
    Thank you Tico and don’t forget to have a wonderful day Tico!!


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