Unexpected Day Off

Last night I was sitting here watching some Netflix when my phone rings… It’s work…No work tomorrow…. Whaaaat?!?!  Totally unexpected.  Yea it had snowed a little bit, but did not seem like enough to call a snow day.  Also, it was not a normal teaching day, it was in-service, which if you don’t know is pretty much like teacher hell.  All day training, where you sit there and get talked at.  So now double whammy, no work and no in-service !!!

I immediately go into my happy dance.  The happy dance is pretty spontaneous and it’s when the joy of my spirit overrides my body. Last night it looked like I was running in place really fast with high knees and my hands waving in the air like I just don’t care.  

This morning I got up and had to race to move the car before DC gave me another ticket only to find pretty much the most most (2x) gross day in the world.  Cold rain + melting snow + gray skies= disgusting!!

I am all about following the signs and going with the flow of the universe, and the universe was clearly telling me to get under the covers and not come out until the sun comes back out. So that is exactly what we did.  Max agreed this would be a good time to veg out… See picture below for evidence.   

 At around 2 pm the sun came roaring out, the clouds cleared, and it was blue skies.  We got the French press going with some yummy Costa Rican coffee and pealed ourselves off the coach to begin a productive afternoon.  In all honesty Max decided it was time to get up… See picture below for evidence. 

After some tug of war we:

  1. Booked our spring break vacation to Fort Lauderale spending zero $$ thanks my to citi AAadavatage credit card points!! Score 
  2. Picked up the apt ( boring but necessary )
  3. Did some hardcore yoga with method yoga on YouTube   This dude kicks my but every time.  Warning not for beginners.
  4. Cooked a fun chicken and rice dish for my lunches for the week    

So all in all a pretty awesome day.  I can’t always take the morning off just cause the weather is gross out, but when I can I am going to do it.  

umm + Pura Vida = one with the universe

What is TICOS PACE ?


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