The Power of Meditation

How many times have you heard a coach say to their players “you are not focused” or “concentrate!” or see the star of your soccer team miss an important penalty shot they never miss in practice (that was me and Roberto Baggio in the 94 World Cup).  Well how can you tell your athlete to focus without teaching them how.  Eliminating distractions of the mind is a skill that requires practice and training just like anything else.

Meditation can be seen as practicing to focus or concentrate, just like you would practice penalty shots in soccer or free throws in basketball.  Usually meditation begins with bringing awareness to our breadth.  Breathing is something we constantly do, so targeting our minds to the inhale and exhale is great practice for enhancing our levels of focus.  When I introduce this concept to high schoolers I keep it very brief with some short non threatening exercises to get the ball rolling.  I believe in living what I teach so at home I had been playing around with meditation which is what got me started.  Now I try to carve 10-30 minutes each day for this awesome practice.  If I knew then what I know now…I may not have missed that penalty shot hahaha.

Meditation for me is a rather new endeavor I have recently been implementing into my life more and more.  I always thought of meditation as some sort of weird cult thing, a foreign  practice like playing the bag pipes, or something else far from my reality.  When I was in high school meditation was something I thought only monks did.  However, the more I teach health and physical education, the more I study it, and the more I apply it into my own life.  Now I only wish I had learned about it sooner.

The benefits of meditation are well documented which you can find on many other reputable sights.  I think meditation starts out as a practice of patience and concentration but then can evolve to as much or a little as you want it to.  It is a practice I am having fun applying to my life.  Give it a shot.

What is TICOS PACE??

Playa Mujeres, Christmas vacation

Playa Mujeres, Christmas vacation

TICOS PACE is a lifestyle…A knockout combo of “pura vida” and let’s get stuff done!  And to help me explain…a little story I call…

Stop Working Like a ‘Gringo’

It was the summer before his junior year of high school and the summer before his first job.  Alcides (Owl-See-This) attended a small private american school in Tres Rios, Costa Rica known as Marian Baker School or MBS for short.   That upcoming  school year the school would participate in two Central American Sport tournaments.  Since Alcides’s only reason for attending school in his mind was to play sports, there was no way he was going to miss the chance to participate.  However, since his mom could not even afford to pay the tuition, paying for two tournaments was out of the question.  So, that summer Alcides would work the grounds of his school inexchange for payment to his beloved AASCA tournaments.  After completing day 1 of work …he quit.  Or at least that’s what he told his mother.  The manual labor was some sort of cuel torture and physically could not be sustained the entire summer -I was such weak sauce haha-  Spend 6 hours pulling the mower up and down those hills, then when you finish, sand some chairs, then sand some rusty chain link fence (cause you going to paint it later), then when you are done, keep going.  Then, won’t you know it, the grass would grow back and the whole process would repeat itself.  No way…this was not possible, not for Alcides.  Good thing Alcides has a wise mother…wise enough to keep him in that school even though it was well beyond her means.  She looked at him, smiled and calmly stated, “Stop working like a gringo.”  Her advice was to slow down the pace and enjoy the process.  When you finish one task, take a breathe, be proud, take a walk, and then when you feel ready return back to the next task.  Alcides returned the next day and applied the “TICOS PACE.”  He survived the summer and made it to his beloved tournaments a little stronger and a bit wiser.

Mom encouraged me to enjoy the process and work at a pace that was sustainable…a pace that would allow me to complete my task with more focus and enjoyment along the way.  In her view “gringos” or people from the states have an excellent work ethic, but almost to the extreme, so much that many forget to enjoy the process and lose sight of what really is important in this life.

TICOS PACE is a lifestyle of dedication, focus and balance.  Follow me as I do my best to apply this easy going and focused perspective.  I feel very proud of everything I have accomplished thus far, knocking out each goal I have set for myself.  Now after some TOE (Time on Earth) -30 years-I have some stories to share, opinions to make, and guidance to provide.

This is a lifestyle blog…on teaching, coaching, sports, travel, dog ownership, movement, fitness, food and so much more.  It’s my art of happiness and crushing your goals while laughing and having a blast along the way…oh and you look and feel good too.  Let’s do this!


TICOS PACE is a series of sprints. In Between the sprints you rest @secretsresort, #Mexico # Christmansvacation #playamujeres