Tuesday Jan. 19. 2016 Change is a coming, it always does

If change is inevitable, why are we are so bad at it??  We know nothing remains the same ever.  Since we are young we learn “what goes up must come down”.  Yet when we find ouselves at the crossroads of life, or dealing with the unexpected so many of us resist and probably just make it worse. 
Today, I sit at these crossroads, uncomfortably exercising my practice of patience.  I try to be all zen and sit with the nagging feeling, breathing life into uncertainty until maybe it will feels okay.  I even have moments of brilliance…or perhaps just okay enough to get through the day.  So maybe for today, that is just enough.

Attitude adjustments take practice, patience, and focus.  It’s staying the path even when the path is unknown, celebrating the small victories, and staying in the moment.  

My small victory today is I made it to the 6:15 am yoga class.  Yay go me.  What was your small victory today? 

Happy Birthday Jessica Holloway.  If there is one person I have meet who seems to have the ability to beautifully float through life, it is you.  Proud to be your friend.