The Art of Designing Your Life

I have accomplished this 4 different times, I think at first it was just luck but now I think I am on to something.

The most recent example and how I arrived to DC was about 4 years ago.  I was working as an Assistant Director of Admissions at Univ. of DE and loving life.  I had an awesome house, roommates who were more like family, the car I always wanted and a new puppy. Life was exactly how I imagined it.  That was until we hit reading season which involved 3 months of seclusion reading thousands of (for the most part) generic and boring college essays.  I was a mover and a shaker and could not be tied down to a desk for that many hours.  No thank you. I wanted to return to my life of teaching Health and PE and coaching. I always thought admissions work would just be a stop on my trip to awesomeness.  It was a super valuable job at learning so much in so little time, but it was time to move on.

I decided I would find a job at a prestigious private school in a cool and liberal city where I could be my complete self, gay and all and it would be awesome.  I could  teach Health and PE the way I thought it should be taught.  I would influence some of the our future leaders, maybe even the president’s daughter.  That’s so funny cause just yesterday Joe Biden walked into our gym to watch his granddaughter play a basketball game against our school.  It took all my effort not to run over and give him a hug.  We have that Delaware connection so we are like Bros and I call him Joe. In my head we are old buddies…being in my head is so entertaining… Anywho, i digress 

I also ended up teaching the president’s daughter Sasha some volleyball when her high school varsity team lost to my team in the tournament quarter finals.  Sadly the Obama’s were not there because also in my head, Michelle and I are besties. 

My point is, I pretty much got everything that I wanted, it was like the school I work for was created from my mind, it formed the day I went on that walk with little max and sat on the rock by the water and dreamed my future awesome life.  It’s kind of creepy to think how on the money it all turned out.  

So now after 4 amazing years at this awesome school and the opportunity to live in our nations capital.  It’s time to paint the next new phase in my life.  So far each new phase has been a step up from the last and I expect this one to be same.  Georgetown Day School gave me the opportunity to develop into an expert in my field, an accomplished coach, and respected colleague among cerebral giants.  The students are one of a kind, and will grow up to throw down against the Donald Trumps of this world and win.  They will make this world a better place and maybe bring back some much needed balance. 

I have absolutely no clue what I will do next.  I am brain storming, playing with the colors on my palette.  I know it will be great, I also know to be more specific.  This is one of the fun parts of life, being the architect or painter of the life you choose the live.  It’s not a perfect science, it’s not a science at all.  However, I am noticing a pattern and I am going to go with it.

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Pura Vida…