Spring Is On The Way!

This morning I took Max for his morning walk and encountered the smell of spring faintly in the air.  I took a deep breath and let that familiar scent enter my lungs and process in my brain.  I smiled and exhaled with a sigh of relief…spring is on the way! The actual first day of spring is Friday March 20, however in my past experience with mother nature, she does not give a shit about our calendar. She will do what she wants when she wants.  If she decides she is going to bring down one more snow fall in March, she will do it.  Worry NOT, for it does no good…enjoy the transition period and before you know it, spring will be here exactly when it is supposed to be here.

According to the 5 Element Theory the period during the TRANSITION of the  seasons is marked by the element of EARTH.  Earth is the grounding or centering element.   The climate is damp (which would make sense around these parts with all the snow melting).  The organs are the spleen (yin) and the stomach (yang)  The color is yellow, the taste is sweet, and the feeling is thought.

I was introduced to this concept when I attended a presentation titled “Eating for Longevity-A Seasonal Approach” given by Teri Mosey.  The entire talk was fascinating and in stride with TICOS PACE.  We already kind of naturally do this right?…when it’s cold outside most of us crave a hearty soup.  Fruits that are not in season and are flown in, just don’t taste the same (they are also more expensive).  The problem is we get in our own way.  Distractions, media, ego and hectic lifestyles impede us from making decisions that our body actually wants and is good for us.  If we can quiet all the noise and listen to what our soul really needs for nourishment,  we can create harmony with our internal nature and the external world.

Recently, I have been giving a lot more thought to food and playing with ingredients I have never

Playing butternut squash

Playing butternut squash

cooked with before.  Some crazy stuff is happening with butternut squash right now! I am not sure if it will make me one with the universe, but it certainly can’t hurt.  If you are into this you can check out Teri Mosey’s website where she has posted different recipes that go with the seasons and other holistic nutrition services.  You can also check out Rhonda Parkinson’s write-up on The Five Elements Theory of Chinese Cooking.

So embrace this transition period, be thoughtful, and listen to your body…it knows best.  Spring will be here soon!