Monday Jan 18, 2016

Gratitude 1. Family (blood and non blood related) 2. Technology 3. The day off   

Today I was tired, unmotivated, comfortable in my blankets with my trusty dog Max by my side…I had the day off so why not. Later I was motivated, excited, curious, cold, and distracted.  I had lots of coffee just trying to get my mind right.  My attitude fluctuated as the day dragged on.  I am powerless to “change it” at least right now and my attitude has been all over the place today…but today I am loved and that’s all I need to carry on.  

Change in attitude takes practice, and it’s kind of a lifetime exercise…so when change is not an immediate solution and my attitude adjustment is floundering it’s the love of my family and friends that make me smile… Because that doesn’t take practice… It just is and always will be.  That love’n faith, and faith in love  It’s the foundation for today.  

Who do you love?  Who loves you unconditionally ? Who do you believe in ? Who believes in you ?  

Shout out to Carole Holloway for today’s inspiration.