Wellness and Health 

Here is my take on wellness and health and how they play together:

First, let’s put “wellness” into perspective from my point of view within the context of health. Wellness is a practiced attitude that leads to a greater understanding and appreciation of yourself, therefore altering the lens in which you see and interact with the world. Wellness is the process of applying tools such as mindfulness, yoga, nutrition, meditation, exercise , etc. Applying these various tools leads to the outcome of health. Health being the product. So, although wellness and health are not the same thing, it is impossible to separate the two. I view wellness as the process and health as the product. A person practicing wellness uses the various tools to provide balance between mind, body, and spirit. This results in a increased level of functional or metabolic efficiency, which is also one of the many definitions of health. 

In order to begin to teach and inspire the practices of wellness to high schoolers my colleagues and I built this health curriculum.  It’s a PowerPoint full of videos, prezi diagrams, talking points, and suggested activities.